The Kaunisjärvi playground maintained by the City of Rauma was recently renovated. In conjunction with the renovation, a Molok CityScape Deep Collection container was installed in the park. The waste container's framing is yellow, matching the playground theme.

-       We are expecting lots of families with children to use the playground. There is also a table and benches where people can have lunch, and this emphasises the importance of waste management in order to keep the area clean and tidy, says Rauma City Gardener Mari Pohjalainen.

-       We have positive experiences of MolokClassic containers and two CityScape containers from many of the city's parks. Their excellent capacity enables significantly longer emptying intervals and ensures the cleanliness of the surrounding areas. This is why Deep Collection was an easy choice for the Kaunisjärvi playground, as well, she adds.

Apart from the capacity, Pohjalainen appreciates the fact that the CityScape containers have drop holes on both sides, and they are easy to use because there is no need to open lids.

 -       It was nice to frame the containers in the colour of our choice. In addition to the purchase of new containers, one older CityScape will be given a facelift in order to have it fit into its surroundings in Old Rauma even better, Mari Pohjalainen tells us.

The CityScape Deep Collection
The CityScape Deep Collection container in Kaunisjärvi playground fits into the playground well in terms of both functionality and colour.
CityScape painted aluminium yellow playground rauma
CityScape painted aluminium yellow in a playground rauma