Changes in the Management of Molok Oy

Molok Oy’s Board of Directors and present Managing Director Mr. Hannu Jokinen have decided together to start the recruitment process of a new Managing Director.

The process is ongoing and will be finalized by fall 2107. Starting of today the tasks of Managing Director will be carried out by Mr. Jari Ainali. Hannu Jokinen leaves the company 19th of April 2017.

With this change Molok Oy wants to ensure even better preconditions for our partners and thus support the strong growth of all parties.

“Molok Oy has developed and grown well during Mr. Hannu Jokinen’s time. With these new actions we are looking for a next growth level” says Ilkka Pentikäinen from Vaaka Partners Oy.

Additional information available by Mr. Ilkka Pentikäinen, Vaaka Partners Oy (tel. +358 400 217671).

Nokia 19th April 2017

Ilkka Pentikäinen

Molok Oy Board of Directors / Vaaka Partners Oy