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A new, convenient inner container for the rectangular MolokDomino waste collection system.

BinSystem 500 D top -new product 
A handy and space efficient MolokDomino® inner container

With this new product, also MolokDomino Light can be divided into three parts, if desired. As a result it is possible to organize the collection of bio-waste, glass and metal in one MolokDomino Light bin.

The durable plastic inner container is emptied conveniently and quickly with a crane-equipped garbage truck. The bottom part of the inner container opens completely whereby the waste is emptied into the garbage truck. Thus the filling hole of the waste container itself remains clean and dropping trash in the bin is a pleasant experience. The robust inner container can hold up to 400 kg of waste.

The bottom of the inner container has a base that separates liquids and solid waste. This allows bio-waste collection for example, because liquids cannot leak beyond the edges of the base bowl. When collecting bio-waste, the inner container can be protected by a biodegradable bag that is replaced at each emptying. Consequently the waste container is kept clean, and will not transfer organic waste odors to the container walls.

The inner container is compatible with all MolokDomino –waste bins.

Figure 2.

MolokDomino –waste bins

The inner container is available with two different lifting mechanisms: with lifting loops (Fig. 1) or with the convenient quick system lifting (Fig. 2), where the crane’s lifting chain is attached to a metal link on the lid of the container. Quick system version is standard.

Figure 1. Containers with lifting loops are always placed at the end of the main container and provided with a hinged lid.

Figure 2. MolokDomino Light container can be divided by thirds in two different ways:

  • three 500 liter inner containers (Figure A)
  • 2/3 used for a flexible lifting bag (Figure B)

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New product