Space saving

  • One 5 m3 Molok deep collection-container is equivalent to eight 660 l surface containers. Surface containers also take other space, for example the wheels.

  • For mixed waste, the capacity is greater than for recyclable fractions as the waste is compacted by its own weight. This gravitational compression increases capacity by about 20%.  

    Space saving container
  • As the container becomes full, the effect of gravitational compression increases.
  • Surface containers often require a shed or fence, which is also space consuming.
    Molok -containers do not need such constructions around.

  • MolokDomino –container groups for collection of many waste types are especially space saving. Different waste type collections are side by side and clearly save space compared to 660 liter surface containers - even compared to full underground systems.

    Katos vs. syväkeräys


Reduced odor outside

Reduced odor

  • The natural coolness of the ground slows bacterial development
    and minimizes odors.
  • The oldest waste containing the most microbial activity is always at the bottom in the coolest place.