Molok® takes care of the environment in a responsible way

Our company's and products' core idea is to make the environment wasteless and cleaner. Thanks to the deep collection method, collection of the waste is more environmental friendly than ever.

Our goal is to manufacture high-quality and durable products utilizing sustainable procedures. That is why we constantly do development work to find even more sustainable methods. Below are listed our most notable factors from our ecological operations.

Molok_vastuullisuus 1Our products are high quality and have long lifecycles, even 30 years for our container bodies. Comprehensive maintenance and spare part services enable products to be repaired and upgraded.

Molok_vastuullisuus 2Due to the high capacity and natural compaction of the waste, our containers are emptied less frequently. This leads to fewer waste trucks causing traffic jams, lower fuel usage and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Molok_vastuullisuus 3We manufacture our products from high quality materials such as polyethylene resin, a durable and corrosion-free material that is recyclable after use.

Molok_vastuullisuus 4Our production process utilizes raw material recycling line to reclaim plastic cutting waste. We use recycled upholstery materials in our products: recycled plastics and composite made of recycled plastic and paper.

Molok_vastuullisuus 6Various collecting methods of recycling have been the subjects of the studies in Finland and Sweden.* Based on the results, the collection method using our containers increased recycling remarkably and had the smallest environmental impact.

Molok_vastuullisuus 5Our operations are certified in the areas of quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001) and occupational safety (ISO 45001).


*En miljö- och kostnadsjämförelse av insamlingssytsem för källsortering närmare hushållen. Gyllenbreider, E. & Odencrants, S. 2017. Master's Thesis, Linköping University, Department of Management and Engineering, Environmental Technology and Management.

*Selvitys pientaloalueiden korttelikeräyksen vaikutuksista. Pitkämäki, A., Kontiokari, V., Saario, M. 2018. Gaia Consulting Oy.


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