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Modern classic

The modern classic

The Molok round classic model has been part of the Finnish landscape for more than a quarter of a century. It combines timeless design, high quality and functionality. Long experience has shown that the MolokClassic container is suitable for a wide variety of environments and locations.
MolokClassic containers are suitable everywhere you need guaranteed effective waste collection. Molok products are trusted in thousands of

  • residential areas
  • schools, kindergartens, hospitals and hotels
  • recycling and regional collection points
  • shopping centers
  • sports facilities
  • ports, beaches, rest areas, cemeteries and campsites

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MolokClassic 5m³

170 cm Ø

MolokClassic 5m³ read more

MolokClassic 3m³

130 cm Ø

MolokClassic 3m³ read more

MolokClassic 1,3m³

90 cm Ø

MolokClassic 1,3m³ read more

MolokClassic 800l

75 cm Ø

MolokClassic 800l read more

MolokClassic Light 2m³

170 cm Ø

2m3 Light read more

Waste container selector

Select the particular use, waste or container type. The selector will propose a suitable solution.

To the selector

Composite, Night Sky Black

yönmusta read more

Composite, Stone Grey

komposiitti_kivenharmaa-1 read more

Composite, Chestnut Brown

komposiitti_kastanjanruskea read more

Composite, Autumn Brown

komposiitti_syksynruskea read more

Composite, Pearl Grey

komposiitti_helmenharmaa-1 read more

Recycled Plastic Board, Green

kierrätysmuovilauta_vihreä read more


alumiini read more

Painted aluminium

MolokClassic Aluminium Framing read more

Perforated Aluminium Framing

reikälevyverhous (1) Read more

Lid options

Standard filling lid

MolokClassic peruskansi read more

Vertical lid, various opening options

MolokClassic vertical lid read more

Vertical lid with filling lid

MolokClassic vertical lid read more

Drum Lid (5 m³ and 3 m³)

Molok Drum Lid READ MORE


Quick lifting equipment

Quick lifting equipment read more

Lifting bags for different waste types

molokclassic-lifting-bags read more

BioSystem® lifting container

molokclassic-biosystem read more

BinSystem™ Lifting container

molokclassic-binsystem-vaihtoehdot read more

Lid hold-open catch

Aukipitolevy_rengas read more

Lid locking parts

2G-lukko_rajattu read more

Access Control

access-control-1-1 Read more

Waste type sign

Waste type sign read more

Waste type sign with symbol

molok-sign-symbol read more

Battery waste box

Battery waste box read more

Internal hinge for 5 m³ and 3 m³ containers

Sisäsarana_rajattu read more

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