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Designed for flexibility

The square shaped MolokDomino is a waste collection system consisting of adaptive modules. Individual containers can be divided into two or three parts depending on the model and the size of the container body. This offers space-efficiency, for example, in collection points for recyclable packaging materials.
Depending on the type of the container, the container body is either fiber reinforced concrete or HD polyethylene.

MolokDomino containers are especially suitable for:

  • recycling and centralized collection points
  • residential areas
  • schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels
  • shopping centers
  • sports facilities
  • ports, beaches, rest areas, cemeteries, campsites
  • architecturally demanding projects, public buildings

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MolokDomino 5m³ (concrete body)

160 x 160 cm Ø

Domino 5 read more

MolokDomino 3m³ (concrete body)

106 x 160 cm Ø

Domino 3 read more

MolokDomino Global 5m³

160 x 160 cm Ø

Domino Global 5 read more

MolokDomino Light 2m³

160 x 160 Ø

Domino Light 2 read more

Waste container selector

Select the particular use, waste or container type. The selector will propose a suitable solution.

To the selector

Composite, Chestnut Brown

Composite, Chestnut Brown read more

Composite, Autumn Brown

Composite, Autumn Brown read more

Composite, Stone Grey

Composite, Stone Grey read more

Composite, Night Sky Black

Composite, Night Sky Black read more

Composite, Pearl Grey

komposiitti_helmenharmaa-1 read more


Aluminium read more

Painted Aluminium

MolokDomino framing_painted Aluminium read more

Lid options

Standard lid 1/1

Standard lid 1/1 read more

Filling slot, square

Filling slot, square read more

1/2 divided lid

1/2 divided lid read more

2/3 + 1/3 divided lid

2/3 + 1/3 divided lid read more

1/3 divided lid

1/3 divided lid read more


Quick lifting equipment

Quick lifting equipment read more

Lifting bags for different waste types

molokdomino-lifting-bags read more

BioSystem® lifting container

molokdomino biosystem read more

BinSystem™ lifting container

molokdomino-binsystem read more

Hinge quick lifting equipment

Hinge quick lifting equipment read more

Lid hold-open catch

Lid hold-open catch read more

Lid locking parts

Oval lock 2019_rajattu nettiin read more

Access Control

access-control-1-1 Read more

Waste type sign

Waste type sign read more

Waste type sign with symbol

molok-symbol-sign read more

Battery waste box

Battery waste box read more

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