Economic and environmental advantages

Less emptying personnel

Minor emptying vehicle arsenal expenditure

  • As there is fewer collection pick up need*, you will reach comparable waste amount with smaller emptying vehicle arsenal.

  • Because of smaller emptying vehicle need, the total investment is smaller even the vehicle in Deep Collection needs a crane.

  • The operating expenditures are smaller due to smaller fuel expenses.

Less emissions

  • As there is fewer need for emptying pick ups and less fuel consumption,  it creates less emissions to the environment.

Silence of emptying and esthetics are part of environmetal friendly approach

  • The collection sound is one issue effcting on environment

  • The emtying of a Deep Collection container is silent compared to the emtying of eg. emtying of surface bins. This enables for example the emtying during the night time.

  • Esthetic landscape is highly appreciated. A waste collection container can be also beautifull. A clean Molok collection point creates cleanliness to the surrounding area.