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Plastic recycling makes sense

Written by: Marianne Kuusisto
Published on: 04.06.2018
Updated on: 13.08.2020


Recycling of plastics is worthwhile, as recycling can supply the raw material to save up to 85% of the energy that new plastic would consume in oil refining. Recycled plastics are the simplest way to make new plastics and by more recycling of plastic products, fewer new oil wells need to be drilled for plastic production.

What kind of waste containers can you use to collect plastic?

Molok waste containers can easily solve plastic waste collection problems in your area. If your property already has a Molok waste disposal system, then one 5 m3 Deep Collection contained can be divided into two waste compartments, e.g. for plastic and mixed waste. Divisions can be done both in the round MolokClassic (Figure A) and in rectangular MolokDomino (Figure B) waste containers.

If all existing waste containers are already in use and cannot be divided, then the waste disposal point can be easily supplemented by, for example, a new Molok surface container. Very effective surface containers are the round MolokClassic Light (Figure C), rectangular MolokDomino Light (Figure D) and the round MolokClassic240 bin cover (Figure E).


FIGURE - The following containers are ideal for plastic recycling:

A.Divided MolokClassic 5 m3   B. Divided MolokDomino 5 m3    C. MolokClassic Light 2 m3   D. MolokDomino Light 2 m3  E. MolokClassic240 bin cover

Do you want to know if plastic recycling is available in your area? Your local Molok dealer can tell you about the situation and options Please feel free to contact your local dealer: https://www.molok.com/contact/international-contacts/

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