Molok® plays on the olympic level

Molok 26.02.2018

Over 20 years after hosting the Winter Olympic Games, Lillehammer, Norway, was again filled with the Olympic spirit with the Winter Youth Olympic Games in February 2016.

With thousands of young athletes gathering in the games, waste management was a major challenge. It was tackled using Molok Deep Collection containers.

-       Requirements for the Olympic event's waste management included a high collection capacity, possibility of precise sorting, as well as clear, internationally understandable signage. Molok fulfilled all these needs, says Strombergs Plast AS's representative Svein H. Strømberg.

Deep Collection containers were installed long before the thousands of guests arrived at the Olympics. Apart from Lillehammer, Youth Winter Olympic events also took place in Hamar, Gjøvik and Øyer.

-       Molok collection points were set up at the competition venues, as well as in the Olympic Village, where the young athletes were accommodated. This project was an excellent opportunity to spread awareness of Molok globally, Svein H. Strømberg adds.

The Deep Collection containers installed for the Youth Winter Olympics represent the MolokClassic model. A typical collection point has containers for mixed waste, glass, paper and organic waste.

Skiing, tobogganing and ice hockey

The Youth Winter Olympics consist of seven different sports, such as skiing, tobogganing, ice hockey and slalom. In Lillehammer, there were participants from over 30 countries.

After the Olympics, the Molok containers will stay in place, serving local residents' waste management. Molok containers used for the Youth Olympics' waste management