Maintaining the Molok underground waste containers

Maintenance and spare parts services ensure convenience and safe operation

Molok containers are long lasting and of high quality. Maintenance and cleaning services will help you to increase container lifetime even further and improve user convenience.

When replacing the framing, signage and covers, a waste collection point with 25 years of service can look like new. The functionality can be enhanced with updated lifting equipment, installing support catches or adding locks. Authorized service partners use only tested and high-quality original spare parts with full Molok quarantee.




Molok high-quality maintenance services include:

  • spare part installation
  • container condition assessments
  • collecting point survey for repair or change of use
  • container body, framing and cover washes
  • framing repairs and surface treatments
  • renewal of signs
  • lifting bag inspection and renewal
  • lid and inner container inspection and repair
  • waste-point surroundings clean-up

Molok container cleaning and maintenance services vary from country to country. Request a quote from your local Molok dealer!