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Modern classic

The modern classic

The Molok round classic model has been part of the Finnish landscape for more than a quarter of a century. It combines timeless design, high quality and functionality. Long experience has shown that the MolokClassic container is suitable for a wide variety of environments and locations.
MolokClassic containers are suitable everywhere you need guaranteed effective waste collection. Molok products are trusted in thousands of

  • residential areas
  • schools, kindergartens, hospitals and hotels
  • recycling and regional collection points
  • shopping centers
  • sports facilities
  • ports, beaches, rest areas, cemeteries and campsites


The advantages of deep collection can be found here

Special advantages - MolokClassic

  • Post installation adaptability. Deep collection MolokClassic 5m3 and MolokClassic Plus containers can later be divided into two parts.
  • Deep collection -groups are easy to complement with MolokClassic Light surface containers or MolokClassic 240 bin covers.
  • Cost-effective transportation (freight)
  • Flexible placement due to their round shape.



MolokClassic® product family

The MolokClassic family is a wide range of products where you can find a suitable option for various needs with different sorted wastes. Sizes vary from 300-liters up to 5 cubic meters with deep collection. The product family is complemented by 2 cubic meter surface containers, as well as the 3 cubic meter Plus container with an installation depth of 0,5m.

Framing options

Choose from a variety of stylish framing options. The container cladding is also possible to customize according to individual needs.

Lid options


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