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Designed for flexibility

The square shaped MolokDomino is a waste collection system consisting of adaptive modules. Individual containers can be divided into two or three parts depending on the model and the size of the container body. This offers space-efficiency, for example, in collection points for recyclable packaging materials.
Depending on the type of the container, the container body is either fiber reinforced concrete or HD polyethylene.

MolokDomino containers are especially suitable for:

  • recycling and centralized collection points
  • residential areas
  • schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels
  • shopping centers
  • sports facilities
  • ports, beaches, rest areas, cemeteries, campsites
  • architecturally demanding projects, public buildings




The advantages of deep collection can be found here

Special benefits - MolokDomino

  • no wasted space between containers, divided sections next to each other. Saves space with multiple sorted waste type collection.
  • Location on a slope possible with containers installed in steps
  • Container body concrete surface is easy to clad with custom materials
  • Freely dividable after installation to 1/1 and 1/2 and 1/3 divisions.
  • Easy to complement the deep collection group with MolokDomino Light surface containers for a uniform appearance.

MolokDomino® product family

Framing options

Lid options


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