Information regarding coronavirus


Dear Molok Oy business partners,

due to global corona virus epidemic we are now in the middle of a very challenging situation, and everyone is worried about how the situation will develop. Health and safety are the main concerns, but there are also many other concerns

In order to protect our mutual business, we at Molok have taken several actions. We try to keep our part of the business as normal as possible. In doing so we follow the instructions and guidelines given by the Finnish Government and National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

At the moment, all operations at Molok are running at normal capacity. Many of us are working remotely, as we protect the health of our factory staff. We are in continuous contact with our sales partners to monitor their sales development, and we are in close contact with our suppliers and transportation partners to monitor their delivery capability. We have prepared various measures to make sure our delivery capability in every possible situation. All in all, our two core values are in full use: We want to keep our customers happy and we want to keep our own employees safe.

We operate now under following special guidelines:

- All meetings, internal and external, should be arranged online, if possible.
- All traveling abroad is to be avoided.
- At the moment we do not welcome any visitors to our premises.
- Our office staff are working mostly remotely, but we all work normal hours.
- We pay extra attention to hand hygiene and other preventive measures everywhere.
- We let employees with any infection symptoms stay home.
- Our management team is at your disposal any time.

As said, at the moment we operate quite normally, but the situation can change quickly. We will keep you informed, and we would kindly ask you to do the same: In case you see any major changes in your business, pleases let us know. The more we know, the more we can do together mitigate any problems.

We will follow the situation closely and keep you updated if anything changes. Let´s keep the spirits high and work hard to overcome the situation.

Stay safe!

Pekka Kuusela
Molok Oy

Information regarding coronavirus