Molok Oy's factory is moving to new premises in Ylöjärvi


Molok has been growing strongly in recent years and has now found new premises for its factory in the Elovainio area of Ylöjärvi.


The new factory and office premises offer good conditions for further development and improvement of operations. Molok is part of the SULO Group and one of the group's three main brands.

The new premises offer the following advantages:

-The space and large plot of land improve the occupational safety of Molok-type industrial manufacturing operations, e.g. by facilitating the smoothness of heavy traffic and forklift transport.

- People can be placed closer to each other under the same roof and thus promote cooperation and communication between teams.

-The location of the factory in Ylöjärvi supports the Nordic markets, which are important to Molok, while the Eastern and Southern European markets are supported by local production in Slovakia and Croatia.

Intensive project planning for the move is underway and the move from Nokia to Ylöjärvi will take place during this year. In the moving process, special attention is paid to the fact that customer service and the service ability of production remain good.

Molok Oy's factory is moving to new premises in Ylöjärvi