Molok Oy celebrates 30 years of Deep Collection of waste


The Molok story began in 1991. A novel idea, unceasing product development efforts and more than 170,000 Deep Collection containers delivered around the world have secured for Molok a position as a leading global waste management innovator and pioneer. The company gave rise to a whole new industry – deep collection. Molok celebrates its 30th anniversary on 10 April.

For the first 25 years, Molok was a family business. Today, the majority of the company’s shares are owned by the investment company Vaaka Partners. The company has grown steadily and its business has been profitable. Molok’s net sales in 2020 were EUR 22.8 million. “The potential for growth is great as, with the circular economy, companies begin to see waste as a raw material and energy source and not just as a problem for communities,” says Marko Penttinen, CEO.

The Deep Collection system saves space while making waste collecting environmentally friendly and cost-effective. “In many ways, Molok is a forerunner in the field of waste sorting. To retain our leading position, we must be able to constantly renew,” Marko Penttinen concludes.

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Molok Oy celebrates 30 years of Deep Collection of waste